August 6, 2011
6 years, 9 months and 17 days since
our Reunion.
We are the goldbugs the mighty, mighty Goldbugs
We are the goldbugs the mighty, mighty Goldbugs

Dear Classmates of 1971!

Welcome back classmates of Mckinley High School Class of 1971! It is hard to believe that forty years have gone by; but, it is great to look back and see how far we have come!
The journey from uncertain teenagers to confident adults has led us to this moment of togetherness. Reunions are special and sincere. The day of our reunion will be a time to reminisce, and relax and remember the good times we had in high school.

Through the years we have all experienced joys and sorrows, successes and failures, gains and losses. What we share as a group can never be forgotten.

We hope everyone will enjoy the friendly faces familiar places, and perhaps shed a tear or two as we relive our past years at our fortieth class reunion.

Your Reunion Committee

As you move around the website I hope you will take the opportunity to join in with the discussions. Send us your pictures...dig through those photo albums and share with all of us your memories of high school.

We are keeping the cost at a minimum so we will have as many classmates as possible attend the social event of the year.

The Cost is
$35.00 per person

You can pay for your reservations by credit card, check or money order. If you are able to , we are also accepting any donations to our class treasury to help defray cost.

If you have any problems regarding the website just drop us an email and we will be glad to help out

Louis Hilker

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